Hey Wicked Hunters, 

Today we have Lori Grace, also known as the “Lightning Queen”, an extreme weather photographer who is a big advocate of gender equality and underrepresented artist.

We chatted about how she put herself accountable to be better by telling everyone that if she didn’t get better in 2021, she was ready to let everything go and “hang up the towel” - quit.

She also shares her journey in the NFT world and how she started from zero, opening Twitter space with only a few people to a point where she can reach more and more people and become one of the most respected figures in the NFT world.


You can see Lori’s Genesis Piece - the photo that we were talking about on the podcast here:



If you want to learn more about Lori's work, you can find it here:

• Website: https://www.lorigraceaz.com/

• Link Tree: https://linktr.ee/lorigraceaz

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/lorigraceaz


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